3rd (Third)

He is inviting me to play chess.
I don’t know if I will.
Do you like to play chess?


Really? Why?

Just because it’s clever.

Do you like to play football?


Really? Why not?

I don’t like it because it’s boring.

What do you like to do?

I like to read.

Really? Why?

I like to read because it is relaxing


To keep talking in a conversation:

Me too

Me neither

Really? Why?

Really? Why not?

When you have the same opinion of who said “I like it”.

When you have the same opinion of who said “I don’t like it”.

When the other person likes something you don’t like.

When the other person doesn’t like something you like.

Activity Types




Playing Chess

Playing Soccer

Playing Football

Playing Basketball

Playing the Piano

Playing the Guitar


Watching series

Watching movies

Going to the movies



I like…(some category of activity)

It’s fun

It’s relaxing

It makes me feel good

It makes me feel better

I always did like it

I like all kinds of…

Because my friend…

Because in my family…

Because my girlfriend…

Because my boyfriend…